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Derelict London....interesting website..

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Just spent about an hour looking over this website...a nice alternate view of the not so glamorous side of London, something quite eerie about it all...dunno if I will sleep tonight tell you the truth... 8o

(click the enter gate then scroll down the page to find the photos...navigation is a bit bad, its a total amateur website though and makes no apologies for it)

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What a wonderful website.

I love that pub 'The Flying Scud'.

Flying Scud - .Strippers & live metal bands pub closed in 94 after police seige involving an armed gang.

In the eighties it had a sign outside depicting a ship. They used to have heavy metal night on Friday and Saturday and the strippers only appeared when the pub was close to closingdown for good, when it was being frequented by certain gangs.


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