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Confusing Wildhearts/Yo Yos stuff...


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So Stidi is now in the Yo Yos, they're touring with 3CR in September, BUUUUUT, from Rock in The Castle (Some gig in Yorkshire):

"In The Castle" is proud to present is the 'classic' line up of "Ginger, Danny, CJ and Rich Battersby". This is a fantasy football-esque dream ticket for Wildhearts fans and lovers of maximum rock and maximum entertainment.

Odd. Personally, I reckon the Castle gig is bollocks - Ginger has a solo album to tour, and The Yo Yos will be in Germany I think....

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The Backyard Babies and Terrorvision are apparently playing too.

Terrorvision are confirmed for it but the Babies are apparently on tour with Social Distortion in Europe at the time of the gig so I don't know if they're doing it.

Therapy? are rumoured to be playing as well. If all goes to plan this could be quite a gig.

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