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Guest ()Papaspyrou()

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Guest ()Papaspyrou()

Its become blatanly obvious to everyone, I'm sure, that this world just isn't big enough to cope with the mass of people that, every day, explode in their thousands as new born children onto this already bloated land.

People die because the money and resources are sometime so sparce and precious that the richer, more powerful people, get priority.

In no uncertain terms, its a sickening situation and it seems that even the professionals have come up blank with no immediate solution to the problem. It just looks as if the world is going to start getting so bloated that horrible measures like culling children at birth will be the only feasible option available.

But it just dawned on me that this isn't the only way we can live.

So I pose the suggestion to you........

Mating with dolphins.

Think of a world where land and water meet, where language and resources would be exchanged with a passion, lost hundreds of years ago as the anonimity of living amongst billions has sucked society into an irrepressible black hole.

If we start mating with sea animals (obviously not the unattractive ones), after a while, we'll be looking at something that will last. Last thousands of years in the vast ocean that, until now, is largely uninhabited by mermaids and will be ripe for the picking.

Within a hundred years of artificial insemination and frat party like f***ing, we'll have a stable and ever expanding life source that will offer the fruits of years bygone that would otherwise, be impossible to achieve.

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Guest MerryChristmas

what in the hell is a frat party?

one where all the women look like fat rats?

Im not up for mating with dolphins although i am for creating undersea cities, towns and having a limit on the amount of land a person can own

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