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Unkle Bob - Le Reno Amps - Ellie Mulhern @ The Tunnels, Sun 17 July

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Vocoustics Presents 2 of Scotland's Finest New Talents


www.unklebob.com : www.lerenoamps.com : www.elliemusic.com

For Unkle Bob, sell-out shows across Scotland (the Liquid Rooms, the Arches and King Tut's) and a performance at the T IN THE PARK festival form only a part of the excitement that has built around a very promising young band.

Influenced by the mighty singer-songwriters of the early 70s like Nick Drake, Van Morrison, Tim Buckley, Cat Stevens, John Martyn, Carole King, and Neil Young; Unkle Bob are an acoustic 5-piece making use of guitars, banjo, mandolin, double bass, piano, organ, tabla, djembe and percussion. Their sound has been descirbed as "the musical equivalent of the last warm bath you'd take before cutting your wrists" (Guardian) but Unkle Bob insist that it is all about the writing of good songs.

In a world looking for the next fashion, the outstanding Unkle Bob might well turn out to be the norm The List 50 Best Scottish bands of all Time (New Talent)

Unkle Bob will bring out the starry eyed idealist in all of you! (The List 04)

The Bob have a singer who sounds like Nick Drake whispering secrets into Ray Davies' ear. The Scotsman (July 04)

"[The Hit Parade EP] shows astonishing potential for songwriting that is genuinely moving." Music Week (March 05)

Le Reno Amps, Aberdeen's finest acoustic punksters, return stonger, fitter and wiser. Al and Scott have been together in their current form for a few years and have been playing all over Scotland as well as performing in London. They describe their music as Alternative Country/Punk and have been compared to "Simon and Garfunkel on Acid" and have supported Sons and Daughters. They will entertain with beautiful harmonies and a typically vibrant/funny performance, with songs about love, life and females being bitches! Pure acoustic romance!

Le Reno Amps have bicket loads of songwriting talent and more than most bands ability to play ... one minute they will be playing an note perfect tribute to 60's beatpop, next a country lament that would have any cowboy in a twenty acre radius weeping into his Stetson. Is This Music?

Country-Punk with a smidgeon of Power-Pop. It's like the Everly Brothers teaming up with The Pixies, whilst Tom Waits and Weezer try and get a word in... on acoustic guitars... from Aberdeen... and there's only two of them... and... and... Oh, just go and get a copy, the songs are great! Vic Galloway, BBC Radio Scotland's 'AIR' Show

After leaving her native Shetland, and moving to Aberdeen to study and further her musical career, Ellie Mulhern teamed up with her borther Andrew on acoustic guitar and they been winning over audiences for the last 2 years with their inspired and captivating live sets. In the past year they have supported Stacy Earle (Steves sister), Alison Brown, Ewan MacFarlane (The Grim Northern Social), and Roddy Hart; released a debut limited edition single through Shetland's BleatBeat Records; and been invited to perform at The Shetland Folk Festival, Go North Festival Aberdeen and Edinburgh Rush Festival.

...like Jeff Buckley or Joni Mitchell, Ellie orbits in an entirely different sphere of sound ... easily the most astonishing performance I saw the whole year" John Robertson, The Shetland Times, 2004

...a quite incredible talent... audience stunned into silence ... a star is born .... a breathtaking talent Davy Gardner, The Shetland Times, 2001

And all for only 4. Doors 8pm.

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