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Lemon Tree guest at Scottish Live 8


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Anyone travelling down to Edinburgh for the Scottish Live 8, or watching the event on the big screens at AECC should watch out for a taster of what's in store at The Lemon Tree on the 16th of September. Midge Ure, one of the brains behind the event, and the original Live Aid and Band Aid projects, will be playing a highly anticpated set at the Murrayfield gig.


The former Ultravox singer follows that up with an intimate acoustic show of his classic tracks, some of his favourtie covers and newer songs here on Friday the 16th of September.


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No i'm not watching it at all, but then I hate Bob Twatoff and everything he does, and I think that Live8 is all just a load of shitty bollocks and a huge waste of everyone's time.

If you really want to make a difference, then why not have all the artists playing at the shitty gig donate 10 million to the charity or something? Fucking Bob fucking Geldoff.

short answer: no.

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i meant each artist' date=' and even if just 10 million - better than losing money making a crap hole concert :)[/quote']

Ahh but surely thre fact is very simple, they did a lot more to raise awareness and to inform the world of the G8 Summit than you did, so from that point fo view, what right have you got to start slagging it ?

I should also mention in my shameless self promotion thing, and cos I cant lose any more scene points that the support for this gig is Emma Forman and Diusty Valentino.

I've seen Midge's acoustic shows about 5 times this year and they really are well worth seeing :) Highlights include - If I was, Dancing with tears in my eyes, Beneath a Spielberg Sky and Vienna.



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