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I'd like to add this from Barney of Sonic Boom Six's tour diary;

Saturday 2nd July - Aberdeen Moorings Bar.

After the teriffic start of being bumped off the Thirsk gig the night before (due to some bizarre entertainment liscencing error related to an ancient Hull ruling, something about Katy and Jamie Bosseye being only allowed to watch one band in an evening or they and their pub will be struck by lightning) the tour proper was underway via the unfeisibly arduous trek to Aberdeen. This was especially arduous for the Southern mankeys Howards Alias (hereon referred to as HA your honour) but such is the way of the Hidden Talent slow world-takeover scheme.

Upon arrival at the venue, a place hitherto unplayed by us, we were greeted into the Moorings Bar by 'Flash', the owner of the rock-themed drinking-hole who proceeded, with much glee, to show us the new equipment installed in there. Newly installed backline, moniters, racks and a computerized mixer that Flash, with his Jagermeister-bandana and general look of a Deep Purple roadie was evidently very pleased with. Don't get me wrong, this was a very very good thing. Over the usual grunting, job-hating Lurch's that let you into a venue, the sight of the unbridled enthusiasm of a man proceeding to demonstrate to anyone that will listen how he can point his mic's straight at the moniters without causing feedback can only be saluted. What a don. And he had a Ghosts and Goblins machine and played Refused and Iron Maiden.

Flash! Ah-Ahhhhh. Saviour of the universe!

Grown At Home (or GAH as they are know on places such as the internet where such a cofounding acronym doesn't have to be pronounced) and HA arrived and we shared the usual hugs and dined on a nicely veggie-friendly savoury buffet together ably provided by the promoter, the venerable 'Captain' Kirk whilst Flash offered us half-priced drinks and stood there with his hands on his hips smiling at the microphones.

HA proceeded to embaress our as-yet emptyish merch desk with a number of albums, solo spin-offs, comps, t-shirts bearing the image of John Cusack and a Tony Hart-tastic limited edition of 'Answer is Never', re-christened by Steve 'The Black Album'.

Onstage first were Onion Terror, a charming 3-piece Aberdeen rock combo with sings about penis's, Wookies, sex, Riveta-eatting and syphillis. Which was nice. And I can certainly relate.

Grown At Home came on next and proceeded to open the tour with a great set of ska-core with a Lightyear and Big D influenced poppy edge that kind of sets them apart from a lot of the Leftover Crack/Capdown influenced bands you see about. I think a lot of being in a band is realising your sound and GAH are definitely getting there, much more relaxed and focussed than the other times I have seen them. Hopefully this tour will help them get beyond the 'local band' thing, they are certainly great with a crowd.

We played a bit edgy first-night set but had loads of good vibes in the room so it was proper fun. Hightlight was definitely the onstage appearance of Uber-Scot Amy for a singalong of 'Safe European Home' and the accent-related hilarity that ensued from trying to ascertain her name (Imee? EEmi? Emu? Rod Hull?). It also saw the debut of new tune 'Do it Today' which went well, but I kind of thought it would, its the others I'm scared about!

HA went on to a crowd hanging off Matt's every word and played an ace balance of old, Answer is Never and stuff off the new album. There is a tune with a French title that Matt explained is a French term for when you have an argument with someone then its only when its over you realise what you should have said. Like that time I asked that girl out and she said she had plans, it was six hours later that 'but what if your brother has plans?' popped in my razor-sharp mind. It sounds something like 'scally' the title, I thought they were dissing us for a minute. It is fucking ace.

'Song for a friend' was dedicated to us and GAH which was nice and was thoroughly enjoyed.

After the set, long after everything was packed away and were saying our goodbyes, Flash was still stood on stage, smiling, saying 1-2 into the mics, very much the boy with the new train set. Long may it continue. I think if you show bands respect and love like that, they are going to be a lot more likely to respect you, your venue and your gear.

As HA and GAH went back with Kirk, we took the extravagant and squanderous step of sleeping in a TravelLodge we had hastily booked in digs-doubt the night before. It was very nice and we watched Shakira doing her sexy if somewhat bizarre hit 'Wherever, Whenever' on the Live8 TV coverage which sent us nicely to sleep, safe in the knowlege we were well punk by contravening their 2adult per room policy by housing no less than five!!! Its anarky baby!!!

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