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Ewan SSR Vs. cAmie Grudge Match Showdown

The Milner

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thurisaz vs ben weapon - I'll say Thurisaz. especially if he's drunk. he'd probably try and eat Ben.

hog vs joe black atom - Hog. simply because he'll be able to pull Joe's hair.

hot mangu vs we shall be blessed - WSBB. they've got xspazzxcorex attacks.

gridlock vs a thin girl - undecided. too close to call! :D

jamesy weapon vs rob karloff - Rob Karloff. He could hold jamesy at arms reach. would be an interesting and close fight though.

baz bonesaw vs yeti element 106 - yeti. he can receive instructions on Baz's weaknesses in italian and will be able to use them to his advantage.

anyone else?

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Guest tv tanned
But who would win the ewan v. cAmie match?

I'd probably say Ewan to be honest' date=' I reckon he could take cAmie.[/quote']

Yeh, bring it back to the boring discussion nobody gives a fuck about.

Steve, the mongoose, all the way.

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Guest tv tanned

that's a tough one. I figure Cruise might win as the light reflected in his enormous 80's sunglasses, combined with the energy of his ego would be able to set fire to the tree man, whose voodoo overlord would be able to do nothing as he did not possess a water pistol/microphone to squirt out the flames with due to that 'amusing' jape happening to Cruise in a later, scientological, era.

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thurisaz vs ben weapon- Thurisaz would dress up in corpse paint and kick his ass

hog vs joe black atom- I like Joe! Wouldnt want to fight the lad!

hot mangu vs we shall be blessed- dunno, the Mangu guitar lad is a big guy

gridlock vs a thin girl.- Gridlock

jamesy weapon vs rob karloff- Rob

baz bonesaw vs yeti element 106-Baz is big but Yeti is even Bigger, Yeti

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Guest Page 99

The pesthole thread inspired this, and I'm bored.

steve corps v.s. gridlock

In a pit of doom, killer sharks and alligators are legal weapons as well as rusty knives.


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