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Changing Tennis


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I was a bit dismayed to hear Jonny Mac and other commentators talking about the need to change the courts in Tennis for the benefit of the general public's dwindling attention span.

It seems silly to drastically change a great game just to attract the less interested members of the public who are only prepared to watch the matches for about half an hour at a time. It seems proposals like stopping players from resting between sets and forcing a player to retire instead of talking a medical time out may please these part time viewers, but would piss off most of the players to no end.

Tennis, in my opinion, is perfectly fine as it is, as a player i enjoy watching matches a great deal, and i can respect all the 'delaying' as the mental aspect of the game plays a huge part, its all part of the spectacle. Maybe Wimbledon is a bit too big serve orientated, but then these players dont do as well on other surfaces, especially clay, so it balances out.

What does everyone think about this subject?

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I love Wimbledon' date=' but generally I don't follow other Tennis championships. If it's on TV I'll watch it, but I won't be looking for it in the TV guide so I guess I'm guilty of that...[/color']

...are you having an affair with Wimbeldon whilst Neighbours is off?

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tennis is a fantastic game to watch (as im sittin watchin murray and nalbandi).. in no way should it be allowe to change, just for the sake of 'part-time' viewers, if someone wants to go watch tennis, they have to take it as it comes.

the players are doing a job, and what they're doing should not be compromised just because some people can't control their attention span.


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