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experimental music this friday and more

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hi everyone,

i've been dormant on the list for awhile (busy) but wanted to invite you all to a few things going on:

'of aberdeen' friday 24th, doors at 6, sound at 6:30, peacocks visual arts (off of castlegate), free and there will be 'libations' (we are starting on time so come early)

i'll be performing a new solo work 'from aberdeen' using found objects and prepared guitar. (objects found from an earlier work 'of aberdeen', an 8 hour soundwalk that is installed currently at mckay's as a headphone installation, as part of jim colquhoun's 'gangrel bodies' exhibition)

i also have an installation currently at marischal museum in front of the greek vases that you might find interesting, and that should be going for a few more weeks.

more information can be found here:


hope to see some of you out!


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cheers for that Bill - I'll check out the Marishal gubbins sometime soon. I tend to forget that the Marshall is actually there.

Here is the DJ Rupture vs Orchestra stuff @ Sonar I mentioned last night. Hopefully there is a bootleg out there of the performance..





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