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charity gig at the tunnels, 31st of july

Chi 666

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31st of july Statue of Misery ar holding a charity gig at the tunnels. got about five bands playing (Statue of Misery, Weeping Jesus, Radio Lucifer, Element 106 and another band we dont know who yet). tickets wont be expencive, about 3/4 pounds. all money raised gos to charity, pretty good for a non stop metal night.


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radio lucifer

i spoke to pete at college. ask him.

he said he was going to speak to you all and get back to me. must have forgotten.

the space is open for you,you in? :help: !!!

by the way. black atom will not be attending due to other commitments around the same time.

the charity is the scottish epilepsy fund.

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i think the final line up will be

Element 106

Radio lucifer

Weeping jesus

Statue of misery

Hollow point

Five bands for 3, fuck me you guys better trun up for the best metal night in aberdeens music history! and its so fucking cheap! (all money raised gos to charity).

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element are 99% confirmed.

black atom almost 100 % no

weeping jesus are a kick in the balls from yes. (they will be there, coz they are awesome and are always up for a gig and the good fight for cheaper shows for local bands)

radio lucifer.... we are having talks. more news in 24 hours.

we have to get back to scottish epilepsy fund very soon to let them know about line-up as they are providing poster for us. so any finalised line-up will be known to all as soon as posters are made.

there WILL be five bands if i have to form a 5th band myself to make this so.


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updates folks.

it is my sad duty to inform you that radio lucifer are unable to attend. #

however, here is the FINAL line-up

in descending or (headline first)

element 106

weeping jesus

statue of misery


hollow point

posters and tickets should go out by the middle to end of next week

thanks to all bands and anyone who helped us out along the way. it wont be forgotten

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in the words of bartholomew simpson, "no problemo motherfucker"

uh, yeah....sure. as soon as i get them you will have. i spoke to dooder in the tunnels today and he's gonna put them up in places for us. he says he does a round of about thirty places every week. which is nice.

this week i have been mostly eating, rice motha fuckin crispies


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