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i heard Evil Craig was out to play at the weekend. Drinking "only spirits".

I've seen that in action before...


Location: Danny's birthday BBQ, Aberdeen Beech

Doing: Drinking very heavily, jumping through the bonfire shoes on and off), sort of starting on Oggy (or at least in the way you don't know if he's being serious or not), falling asleep on a dune, multiple cock-flashings.

To be fair, we were all pretty pished, my brother flog-splashed Neil Bonner through a table, Amy argued with men about Star Trek, all wholesome family fun. Binky did a sly KO too.

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Craig in rare 'thinking' shocker!

Deleting old emails, found this from Craig:

"Bored at work and came up with the perfect definition for the new mix of Momentum,

' a buttress of beauty and brutallity'."

I think he nailed that one.

... This thread lacks something now he's living out the road... but I spotted him in Snafu on Monday night... he was barely even drunk. Sad times.

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i heard Evil Craig came out to play at the weekend in Korova, and that he was jostling his good buddies Oggy and Justin Bloodnut in a none-too-friendly manner, barging them with his shoulder, and giving them evil stares all night.

HURRAH! ... maybe his relocation to aberdeen (and a paycheck to spend) will soon lead to further tales of misadventure!

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