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Imported DVDs for sale

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I'm here to sell some imported DVDs that you cannot find here in the UK. Please note that I don't believe in selling bootlegs - all these discs are genuine. Please make sure that your players are multi region.

Appologies for the crappy pic quality. I used my phone.

The Big Swindle - South Korean Region 3 (imdb link) - 15


Very slick and clever South Korean movie - makes Ocean's 11 look like child's play.

Highlander: Immortal Edition - US Region 1 - 15


There can be only one! This is the best version of Highlander available anywhere, worldwide. Comes with an exclusive Queen OST + sturdy metal casing. This thing's the beast.

Chasing Amy: Criterion Edition - US R1 - 14

Don't have a picture but click here for the artwork. As you can see, the beautiful b&w cover art is a lot better than the dreadful coloured UK effort. This DVD is made by the same company who made the excellent Brazil DVD, Criterion.

Payments by cash, cheque or bank transfer (preferred) please. Advertised elsewhere. Thanks for looking.

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