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Bluetones at Moshulu 19/06/05

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Was wandering if its possible to pay at the door on Sunday. Aint been in Moshulu for years now but remember its a very big club and would'nt imagine it will sell out. Could be wrong though. Anyone else going to this gig. :rockon:

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To work out the Door Price. Look online for the price of a ticket for a gig and then round it up to the nearest pound.

That way it is always more expensive to purchase on the door and thus giving the venue an indication of numbers expected due to advance tickets. Then they can set staffing levels etc appropriately and try and cut costs if a show isn`t doing well in advance.

There are always exceptions when you get a MASSIVE walk up...... At Steriogram we had a 100 walk up.

The Lemon Tree for Mylo (first time) had something like a 250 people walk up which is crazy.

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