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65daysofstatic and youth move soundtrack strategies at moshulu


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As a band, surely your booking fee is what you're getting for playing - and unless you're a signed headline band, you shouldn't really expect to get a rider in the first place - alcohol or not alcohol?

But anyway, I digress.

My only problem with Moshulu as a venue is that unless it has about 500 people in it, it feels empty, and I don't think that creates a good atmosphere for either the crowd or the band. Why oh why they don't use the back room for gigs like Capdown I do not know.

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Accessible' date=' to me, meant that the venue is open and willing to cater to individual needs if they can - while willing to keep their hands off completely if that's what's wanted.

As for the point being bollocks - never played a gig where all you've wanted to do would be to sit back before you're on and drink a couple of beers? As far as I see it anyway, that's the fatal flaw with the tunnels - it's a good venue, I like it, but no dressing rooms and a ban upon giving bands alcohol as part of their rider is a bit..strange. Fair enough, they might want people to buy the alcohol from them, but paying the same price for it as the punters pay? bit extortionate considering most people are cutting costs to the bone to be able to put on gigs :\[/quote']

If a venue agrees to a contracted rider, which they don't have to, then that's fine, it is not obligatory and always negtotiable... If requested I'm sure the Tunnels will supply, and have done, a cozy corner in the record shop!!! Moshulu are lucky in the fact that they have ready made backstage areas created many years ago for other purposes... Good on em for using them but that alone doesn't make a venue great for a band...


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i agree with moshulu looking rather empty unless there's 500 or so folk there....but wasn't the tunnels gig packed? i seem to remember it being really busy for the 65dos gig...

if moshulu remains empty for this gig then it's a fucking sin :(

Tunnels was busy but not packed by a long way

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