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best name ever?


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Aberdeen City Council's planning officer Peter Cockhead is always a good one.

I see some great ones through work every day but it's probably not ethical to make fun of them online.

One recent one when pronounced sounded a lot like Good Cock though, I'll reveal that much.

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Guest Logan
Max power....he's the man' date=' whos name you'd love to touch! but you cannot touuuch!

his name sound good in your ear, but when you say it you musn't fear! cause his name...can be said...by anyone!!![/quote']

I love you :love:

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Well don't' date=' call them Ignatius instead. It has a very peaty quality.[/quote']

Is that pronounced "Ignay shus" ? :O I kinda like it. I also like howe* Steve Howe called his son Virgil, it's like the Genesis song Me and Virgil** and as in Thunderbird 2.


** Phil Collins, word up

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