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Guest tv tanned

ID Card Pledge

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Guest tv tanned

For those interested

This is a message sent to the no2id-supporters list. If you no longer wish

to receive these mails, you can unsubscribe from


Dear friend,

As the Second Reading of the Identity Cards Bill approaches, NO2ID have

initiated a pledge for those who will resist compulsory registration for

a State-issued ID card. This is the first in a series of pledges

intended to demonstrate the depth and breadth of opposition to the

proposals BEFORE the legislation makes it through Parliament. Speed is

therefore of the essence.

Please, if you can, make your pledge at http://www.pledgebank.com/refuse

and pass on or promote this message/link to as many sympathetic people

and groups, mailing lists, bulletin boards and publications (why not

write a letter to your local paper?) as you can *without spamming*. To

spread the message further PledgeBank provide flyers and posters to

print out, and people can also pledge by texting 'pledge refuse' to

60022 [standard text rate]. N.B. if you prefer to keep your online

pledge private, simply uncheck the 'Show my name on this pledge' box

before signing.

Our first pledge and target is as follows:

"I will refuse to register for an ID card and donate 10 to a legal

defence fund but only if 10,000 other people will also make this same


- Phil Booth, NO2ID National Coordinator

Polls have shown for some time that 3 - 4 million people across the UK

strongly oppose the Government's plans to introduce ID cards and a

National Identity Register. Were this many of us refuse to cooperate

then the scheme would be doomed to failure.

If the Government do manage to force through the ID cards legislation,

this pledge will not only demonstrate the level of solidarity amongst

opponents of the scheme - it will form the basis of a fighting fund* and

support network for all those who refuse to comply.

NO2ID continues to campaign against the introduction of ID cards and the

National Identity Register on all fronts, for more information on what

you can do NOW, please visit www.no2id.net

Thank you for your continued support, together we shall beat this.

Thanks also to mySociety for building the PledgeBank site - keep an eye

out for future NO2ID pledges.

Phil Booth

*all monies pledged will be held in trust for use in defending those

individuals who are prosecuted for resisting registration.

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Guest tv tanned

Two days gone and they already have 2000 pledges.

Bumpety bump

Hello everyone,

First off, I'd like to thank each and every one of you for signing our

pledge. The response to this has been absolutely incredible - we never

imagined getting 1/5th of the way towards our target within two days.

But we have. People are still signing at rates of well over one a

minute, and a short while ago we received our 2000th pledge :)))

With the Second Reading of the Identity Cards Bill probably only a

couple of weeks away, it would be fantastic to achieve the full 10,000

in time to show the government the strength and depth of the opposition

to their outrageous scheme. Can I ask you all to tell as many people as

you can about the pledge - there are flyers and posters available to

print off if you click on the link in the yellow box towards the top of

the page.

We are looking for a small number of people who would be willing to

provide a photo of themselves and a short quote about why they will

refuse to comply with ID cards and the National Identity Register, to

further promote the pledge. If you would be willing to do this, please

send a mail entitled 'pledge promotion' to office@no2id.net

Many thanks again for your support, together we *will* beat this!

Phil Booth

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