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i've been hearing a lot about him recently' date=' i think i'll buy multiply when i next get a chance[/quote']

you could pick up supercollider (the "band" with him and Christen Vougel)...both Lp's are great (experimental, but great). pretty cheap in fopp, or possibly second hand, I am sure.

I think I saw "head on" (the first supercollider lp) in an HMV sale, for about 4 quid...could be wrong.

you can also listen to the New JL lp online, on his website (same link as the videos one).

it's my lp of the year, and don't think it'll be toppled.

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Yeah i read about supercollider in a couple of reviews for multiply, i'll probably investigate if I like mulitiply. I've heard a couple of remixes by christian vogel which were good.

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