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Last Nights Experiment..

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The culprits :- Penny and Chris

The setting :- exodus

The date :- 12/06/2005

The motive :- to cheer ourselves up

The experiment :- smelling people's armpits

The results :- our tummies hurt from laughing so much

Sooo.. me and chris randomly started smelling our own armpits last night to check that all was pong-free, and it was getting hysterically funny on the many ways that we could smell without being too noticeable by surrounding bodies (my fav was the saturday night fever pose)..

it then got a bit boring smelling just my armpit, so i started asking people if i could smell theirs, and it was surprising how many people actually lifted their arm so that i could attack with my smell-detecting nose.. it was all very random, and extremely funny to those getting smelt, and to the smellers..

it turned out that the experiment was in fact a test of what deoderants work, and those that dont.. and i can tell you that i smelt some very yummy oxters last night!!!!!

it appears that B.O is fast disappearing, and delicious aromas are appearing!!

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HAHAHAHA i remember now.... you were smelling my armpits and even after dancing you said i was 'fresh'.. Heard from MG today?

yeh.. he's workin till 10.30 tonight, poor little man! apparently we are headin out again tonight for some crazy antics!!

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