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Did any o' yiz see that documentary on Barcelona last night on BBC 2? I mind my mate going on about it months ago when it was on BBC3, it was really good. Behind the scenes, in the boardroom and that, following the new president Joan Laporta and his board in their first season etc. You got to see the likes of Ronaldinho (nae a bonny loon) signing his mega contract, and you also found out that Patrick Kluivert's contract was 10% of the ENTIRE wage bill of the squad!!! No wonder he looked like he couldna be airsed at Newcastle! The fans as well were absolutely nuts! Plus, all Laporta and his band of merry men seemed to do was eat and drink heaps of tapas and wine! Sounds like my kinda job! :D

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i watched it. it was a bitty good. never realised that barcelona were that poor a few seasons ago. it was pretty funny how laporta and his merry men watched barca get gubbed 5 - 1 by malaga on his wedding day, a bit of a shame but shouldn't be watching footy on his speacial day, or should he?

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