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Presidents of The U.S.A at The Lemon Tree

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The Presidents of The United States of America are to play The Lemon Tree. P.U.S.A (as they will be referred to from hereon in) recently reformed to the joy of their worldwide army of fans, and have released a new album 'Love Everybody', as well as re-issuing their previous releases. They'll be Rockin' the 'Tree on Tuesday August 16th with new tracks as well as old favourites like 'Lump' and 'Peaches'

details of the show are here http://www.lemontree.org/Music/event.cfm?eventid=2567&tempmonth=8

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"milliosn of peaches...peaches for me"

Yeah, should be a hum dinger.

By the way, why have so many folk got that dude in a the red hoodie as their avatar? Who is he, what's the deal? You're confusing an old man who isn't in the know here already! I always asume (stupidly) that people's avatars are them (even when it's a cartoon character), but if that's the case there's some major cloning going on.

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