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De Rosa


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here's a couple of snippets from 2 different reviews to back me up...!

'The venue in Manchester's seedy Northern quarter is not where you may expect to find the three be-spectacled, ordinary looking guys who form Lanarkshire's 'De Rosa'...

'On stage is Scotlands answer to blistering american indie, De Rosa. All three guys have short hair and glasses and seem like some sort of triplet ensemble...'

:p hehe!

oh, and i bloody love De Rosa!! their demo i have had for over a year still gets played regularly in my house, never get sick of it! cant wait for the album to be mastered...


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Hey Countess Shazula , the answer to the de rosa 3/4 piece question can be found here...


Our debut album will be out August/September '05 after we get it mastered here...


And our little 7' single Camera/All Saints Day can be found at our on-line shop located here...


Thanx, you are a friendly bunch. :D

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