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Get behind me satan

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Guest bluesxman
so what is everyone's thoughts on the latest effort from the white stripes. I've only had time to listen to it once so far' date=' but i was a little dissapointed, not many instantly enjoyable songs, but it may grow on me. Still I dont expect it to come close to topping de stijl.[/quote']

Only had one listen as well. I like the fact they have been a bit more experimental this time but a couple of the tracks just sounded made up on the spot and were pretty dreadful. Most of it sounded alright though.

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I wasn't convinced when I first listened to it, but I wandered around on with it on repeat for a few hours and I really like it now. It's a strange mix of songs that would fit in with De Stijl and some that seem left over from Elepant. It isn't going to be as successful comercially as Elephant, but I'm willing to guess the majority of people bought the album on the strength of Seven Nation Army anyway.

Denial Twist, Take Take Take, Red Rain and The Nurse are all brilliant. Passive Manipulation is pretty pointless and Meg's voice sounds a bit ropey. Jack's voice has gone back to that yelp that he had in previous records :up:

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