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Vocals(full range) And Bass Player Wanted NOW!

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Do you play The Bass, I mean really play the Bass. Or Can you sing (again Really sing).

We are currently seaking 2 new members to come join.

The bassist MUST have own Stuff and actually play. You must be able to play and create. 5 String bass minimum would be preffered but 4 String will do.

The Vox, Full rande ability who can gruff it up and remain clear (think sort of soil-esk/Devin Townsend-esk).

We already have 2 guitarist and a kick asss Drummer. The music will be heavy metal but with melody and some funk (and just about anything else that we can think of). As one of the guitarists and the drummer were in REAP we are using 2 of there tracks for the audition (see link below for mp3 and lyrics).

This is to be the chosen path so we want peeps who are serious about there music, NO TIME WASTERS!



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