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anyone know anything about new paint jobs on cars?

steve corps

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my old beast is primed and needs a proper spray job.this may be a daft question but is this hard to do decently with zero experience?! i'm tempted' date=' but wary.also, if i get it done professionally or as a homer by someone, whats a decent price?

cheers folks.[/quote']

don't even think about doing it yourself.

Best bet is to find someone who has the equipment to do it as a homer. If you know them 300 is reasonable if they are going to do a good job...

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Guest MarkJDelaney

Don't even bother by yourself if you've never done it before. It's most definately a highly skilled job, not one you can often bodge. You need the equipment, time, preparation skills, location and surroundings and like I said... the skill.

I can recommend one place in Lawrencekirk. I've heard very good things, and his prices are more than reasonable. I'll be going there in future to get a few things sorted on my car. Get in touch if you want more information on that.

I hope you've prepared and primered the car correctly anyway.

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Remember that you will need to buy your paint and lacquer aswell...most cars need about 2-3 litres of paint...a solid colour is about 25-30 quid a tin i think...lacquer is about 15 a tin...but no idea how much you will need of that...

Ive seen really good homers done for 300 at their places of work (if you buy your own paint and stuff)

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