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Big Brother comes to aberdeen-music...

Guest haigyman

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Guest haigyman

...in the form of THIS:

for the time big brother is running, the poll on the main page should be replaced with "Ban Brother"...or possibly a better name if i come up with one.

this basically consists of selecting ten members based on a certain criteria (e.g. lowest amount of scene points or something) and putting them up for banning.

people then vote for who they would most like to get rid of and at the end of big brother that person gets banned.

a thread of hilarious commentaries would naturally be created to run along side this, with such wonderful phrases as "i fukin luv danny doubt he is teh sex" , "guess who i just voted for give up daniel" , etc.

participants would also be able to fight their case by creating "support threads" full of flattering photos of themselves and references to good posts they've made in the past.

could be fun? could be violent? there is only ONE way of finding out. YOU (Neil) Decide(s)

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