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The new Devin Townsend Band album...

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This is what devin is saying about it-

"Ok, here goes;

Synchestra is one 'piece'...in three 'movements', with a whole bunch of songs that go into each other and allude to each other as it's bulk. It has some real energy to it that releases in a big way. It's really an enormous project that we had to get AE done to be able to achieve 3 years later. Lyrically, it uses the words "I" and "me" less, and there are interesting 'stories' and such. There will be plenty of female voices, I will scream less, and I want to get that kind of lullaby vocal approach that is more 'clean' for melodies. The guitars will also not be full-on all the time...(just most)

It's a really dynamic, colorful, and long thing thats been worked on now in some instances since before 'Infinity'. This record won't demand much from you, it will be an inviting and a summery nature theme. Theres some dark bits, but just for color, and nothing imposing. It plays like a movie. oh...and it's biiiiigggggggggg.

Heres the order (90%...)

1- Let it Roll



The Baby Song


2- Vampira




3- A Simple Lullaby


Notes From Africa

Sunbeams And Happiness!

There ya go, we're rehearsing hard!"

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