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aug 13

The Milner

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erm' date=' ill give you a kick up the arse?[/quote']

People seem to do that to me quite frequently anyways. I'm not sure what that says about my arse/me? ?(

Teabags performed his famous 'groinal grab' on me last night as well. Again I'm not sure what this says about me/my groin...

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Revised diary:

*note to diary*

Date: August 19th 2005


*Present opening

*Drink consumption

*Potential Gareth 'lightsaber' interaction

*Potential arse interaction with Rach

This birthday is gonna be the best!

Phew, we share the same birthday Psydoll! :D

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Guest haigyman
Teabags has to be nice to him' date=' Teabags squeezed his girlfriends ass! *shakes head*[/quote']

Teabags? G? i can't keep up with you kids and your crazy language.

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