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At Long last + We Shall Be Blessed + Stayover + Within These Walls

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All these great bands:

We Shall Be Blessed - Mighty crazy core.

At Long Last - Aggresive post hardcore/punk

Stayover - Bouncing pop punk

Within These Walls - Grunge/Rock straight in your face

all can be enjoyed for the sum of 3 on the 25th of May at Imagine,just off belmont street on gaelic lane,where old elementz used to be,next to slains.

Doors are at 7.30pm,bring yourself and all your friends.All the money goes to the bands.


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thats the human pyramid from the Violent Minds/Restless Youth/Filthpact gig on May 7th @ The Pelican.

So far, thats the biggest pyramid I've seen at a gig in Aberdeen (I've been in/seen bigger ones in Edinburgh and Leeds). If you fuckers are hardcore, you better get everyone to participate in one. I reckon this gig is a good place to try.


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whats wrong with aberdeen human pyramids is the person on top doesnt jump off and land on anyone not involved in it...not like those boston scamps
yeah, but in Ye Olde Indian Queen, Boston, people launch themselves off the walls onto people form 20 feet up and dont even care if they hurt themselves or anybody else. They also throw around mannequin heads that have crusty mullets.
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My balls are sliding all over the place with excitement....

No, hold on thats just the excessive heat in the Bruce Millers TV department. :D

Looking forward to some more ALL action and to see the Blessed boys in some gig style malarky for the first time. They were awesome when i saw them in practice a while back.

See y'all there.

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