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The Tripper


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Hears altered lyrics to The Trooper that Joe should sing!

"You roll a joint but i roll one too

You light the doobie and i sniff some glue

So while the ecstacy destroys your back

You better dance all night and smoke some crack

The acid hits and the trip begins

It's time for alcohol and vitamins

But screw the vitamins and smoke a fag

You get the munchies and a porno mag



The trip gets weird as you start to fly

Out of the window in the open sky

Your mates are laughing but you don't know why

Just then some aliens come floating by

They beam you up and they light a bong

These dudes are stoners and they sing a song

It sounds like Slayer mixed with Elton John

You buy their album and you sing along



Five hours later you're in your flat

Covered in puke and beer and other crap

Having a come down, you hear the door

They shout "open up", but you're on the floor

They break the door down and in they come

200 pissed off cops, they all have guns

So there's a lesson here for all you mugs

Get high on life and stay away from drugs!



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