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Five For Today

Time Machine

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1. My Little Red Book - Love

2. Slowdive - Slowdive

3. Is Forever Long Enough - Driveblind

4. Snow In Mexico - Mark Gardener (with Goldrush)

5. Ghostfaced Killer - The Dead 60s

"I took out every pretty girl in town, they danced with me, and as I held them, all I did was talk about 'cha, here yer name and I start to cry, there's just no gettin' over you, oh no...."

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Guest tv tanned

1. The Man Who Cheated Death - Ginger

2. I Know, I Know, I Know - Tegan and Sara

3. The Rat - The Walkmen

4. Galvanise - The Chemical Brothers

5. Nth Degree - Morningwood

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1. Over the Wall - Echo and the Bunnymen

2. We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful - Morrissey

3. Raindrops + Sunshowers - The Smashing Pumkpins

4. The Hand That Feeds - Nine Inch Nails

5. Drug Song For Paula - Arab Strap

"I can't sleep at night

How I wish you'd hold me tight

Hold me tight

To my logical limit"

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Guest Jake Wifebeater

Din Addict/Abysmal Terror split tape.

Disrupt - "Unrest" tape.

Gang Up On Against - "The Rain Of Sloughter In 88 Seconds And A Lot Of Our DicS" CD.

Nazzaq - "Screams Of Terror" tape.

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Today, I have mostly been too energetic to revise for my exams, thanks to the following:

Twelve (not a patch on Thirteen, but nothing compares to the most thrilling 4 minutes and 7 seconds in the history of recorded sound) - !Forward Russia!

Area - The Futureheads

Lust in the Movies - The Long Blondes

Apes Aping Apes - The Robocop Kraus

What's Your Damage (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke remix) - Test Icicles

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Guest Jake Wifebeater

Anticipate/Grossmember split 7".

Bathtub Shitter - "97+3 Shitpoints" 7".

Bathtub Shitter - "One Fun" 7".

Bathtub Shitter - "Angels Save Us" 7".

General Surgery/Machetazo split 7".

le Scrawl - "Eager To Please" 10".

Malignant Tumour - "Dawn of a New Age" shirt.

Malignant Tumour/Intumescence split 7".

Rupture - "Soapfarm" 7".

50 Euros well spent.

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1. Broke My Neck - Echo and the Bunnymen

2. Area - The Futureheads

3. A/9 - Maximo Park

4. Pretty Girls Make Graves - The Smiths

5. Mr. November - The National

"And on the sand

Another man

He takes her hand

A smile

Lights up her stupid face and well it would

I lost my faith in womanhood."

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John Wayne Gacy Jr - Sufjan Stevens

Master and Everyone - Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (the live version though)

Some Say (I got Devil) - Tortoise/Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

Song in Contravention - Momus

Ventriloquist and Dolls - Momus

PS does any body have a copy of Hippopotamomus on cd (some scum bag nicked mine)

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