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ive heard of a similar program where u download this program and when you get tabs for guitar or bass it plays along with you on the computer.the tab also has music notation so that the computer knows what to play along with.you can change the speed that it plays so you can learn it easy.

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Originally posted by bryn:

www.powertabs.net (.com?) sounds like that, never used it meself due to my lame ass computer but ive heard you can download full 'power tabs' of songs which is as above

Lame ass computer that's no excuse power tabs runs well on almost ANY computer. It plays music back in a midi format so it's sem-realistic. Guitar, bass, drums and just about any other instrument can be put in. It's a cool way of learning songs though like other tab it's not all ways accurate, at least you can get a laugh from the guitar sounds.

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