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That feeling you get when....


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aye, it is.

but naming yourself after the beatles drummer is a tad more gay, nes pas ?...

I just thought I'd start a jolly thread (but not being a scenester, obviously will get ignored)

"the feeling you get ...."

sticking your cock in a drummer ass....

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i won't ignore you' date=' peep. i had jam room on this afternoon. yay clutch, i booked my ticket :)

i'm called fudge. that's pretty gay, apparently......[/quote']

where'd you get your ticket from? I've tried every site i can but to no avail.

Maxi, if you are buying a ticket in the next few days from Virgin? or HMV? or Ticket Scotland? wherever they are on sale, could you buy me one, and i'll give you money. i heard they are 9.

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