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Ascension Website mk.II

Doc Ascension

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Right, since the last thread has just been closed for obvious reasons, this is going to be a thread soley about the Ascension website and forum:

Website: http://ascensionband.bravehost.com/

Forum: http://ascension1.proboards40.com

Now keep to the topic, website feedback.

Mods please feel free to delete anyone going off course - I won't if you don't (you know who you are).

Oh and Milner and LambofGob welcome to the Ascension forum :) post away....

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Why thanks Dan! Really appreciate the feedback! Anything particular that you liked? The graphics/layour/midis/picutres or anything?

Your comments are greatly appreciated!

*Note any sarcasm is truly not intended and solely a coincidence...

Watching this one closely. Very closely.

Oh and much appreciated Dave, didn't really mean the last one to go off at such a tangent - really would like feedback on the website!

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:laughing: Come on now Doc' date=' that is funny!:p

Metal and candles, who started this tradition?[/quote']

YES! I do agree, but it's only temporary til I can be arsed to get a real host set up - and I don't know who started the candles thing but they are definately natural bedfellows...

Basically, we needed some quick pictures so I could put them up for our band bios - and there were some candles lying around, and it was dark... 2 + 2 :D

I think some of them came out quite well tbh...

watch me call him a twat then' date='

Doc you are a twat mk II!!!!

p.s sites not bad.[/quote']

You can get off the hook since you (for some reason) added me to your MSN list. And also because you bigged up the site and joined our forum...

...PS join our foum ppl!

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haha fun?? anything more constructive at all?

are you a guitarist or keyboardist or anything like that? Would help to get some perspective from a musician!

Do you tab any songs? Cuz i've got a few on mysongbook.com under the name Docaroo

I might stick the studio version of the Time Machine up on the website too, as that is a particularly "fun" guitar pro hehe

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much appreciation mateys....

yes infact - there is a chance hehe - We are recording the vocal tracks and mixing the First demo tomorrow - we recorded the music for 7 songs on Friday so we'll have a good choice of stuff to throw at you guys ... I expect we will put 1 or 2 mp3s up (probably this time next week being my guess but I'll let you know) and 4/5 tracks to go on the demo EP! we shall see...

Anyway, scene points for the constructive feedback coming your ways!

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