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normal service resumes: NEXT FUDGE GIG!

The Ghost Of Fudge

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the computer's fixed! huzzah!

amazing. so, the next fudge gig, you ask?

it's at THE MOORINGS on SATURDAY 14th MAY and it features the talents of:


you must remember this lot? europe cover, blues brother cover, etc, etc? get very drunk but are hugely entertaining and can even play a bit? members of flight19 and my decaying leg? you'll fucking love it. we had to put them on last so they can achieve maximum alchoholic velocity.


you're bound to have seen them! one of scotland's greatest indie rock acts! featuring a singer who used to do open mic's at dr drakes. that proves raw talent and a steady nerves in abundence, i assure you. you'll fucking love it.


first gig as a fore-piece! what can be typed about them that hasn't been typed already on these forums? quite simply, they are legendary. like gandalf and dinosaurs, they are a fiercesome spectacle when excited. what more could i give you?

first act on around 9pm i should say, door three quid. bargin. the beer's pretty cheap, mind. and you'll need to be drunk to get the full effect of our headline act :)

does anybody trust-worthy fancy djing? you'll have to behave yourselves and not spill beer all over shit. just post here if you think i'd let you dj :D

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Guest Scorge Spike
and what would you play?

A veritable cornucopia of musical delights, all briskly and suitably segued to moisten the appetites of the viewing masses and provide appropriate precedents to the performing musicians.

Translation: A suitable variety of stuff.

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assuming craig is scorge spike (i never have the slightest clue who anyone is on here) i think we have a winner.

that was a fabulous answer scorge' date=' by the way :D[/quote']

DOH! No I meant Craig Fudge. I thought it was your computer that was broken not your brain. Craig Fudge - you know the baldy guy that's been hanging around with you for several years now???

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i see. right enough' date=' he won't have to disappear off to air guitar like normal...

scorge, you and craig can take it in turns. sorted.

jamsey, i can still read the messages you delete. define a 'creative' gig then? :)[/quote']

Oh! Whats this then?! 8o

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define a 'creative' gig then? :)

Allow me:

A creative gig is one where the promoter shows up with a haddock and a cheesy bap. He then breaks these into 6 pieces each. These pieces then recombine into groups of 4 and proceed to form the bands that perform throughout the remainder of the evening.

Although Jesus struggled with that one, it IS a feat regularily performed by the manufacturers of chart acts, especially 'boy bands'. In fact Peter Andre was originally fashioned from a yellow kipper and slice of riveta.

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