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Bands that made it but never should have:

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He has a fat, ruddy-cheeked head.

I'll vote for the Killers, because the man can't sing, they suck, and they're on the radio ALL THE FUCKNG TIME. And when they're not on the radio, they're on TV, ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Good luck to 'em with a second album, I can't help but think that people will be sick of them by then...

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Guest stuartmaxwell


easy targets but they are a shower of shite

every single one of them is a cunt, and the one with thair has that plastic meat grinder voice, fucking cunts

and THAT song deserves to be burned arghrhrgrhg

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All these bands would be dipped in tar, covered with hundred's and thousand's and left to melt near a wasp sanctuary....If I had my way.

Id say........(deep breath) The strokes, the hives, the libertines,boyzone/take that/and any other little wannabe cock pillow's for the music industry.

Anything that has came from Ireland (except the pogues).

Wheatus, toploader, CHER!, Soundtracks?..I could go on forever tbh..but I wont.

In fact it would be easier to say who deserves it.......the hardworking musicans that believe only in the music, not in the $$bling/bling$$...I think you'll need to look hard to find any of those in the British Music fog. :rockon:

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