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alfie moon and little mo


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Its a horribvle show, and totaslly up its own arse. EastEnders has always had this completely inflated view of its own importance, its smug, celebrates its insignificant anniversaries at the drop of a hat, is repetitive, (must affairs always come to light in front of a crowded pub at a party?) and every storyline has to be stretcvhed to breaking point.

And the East End gangsters are laughable.

Mind you, little Ruby's kind of cute.

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i don't imagine it'll go on for that much longer what with the immenent return of kat and then alfie leaving before christmas really.

the thing that gets me about soaps is the fact that I never get to see any of them now (apart from neighbours - which i would still kill anyone who stood in my way of watching it) yet i still know everything that is happening, and that's just by walking past magazine covers.

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