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sharp VL-Z3H DV-Camera for sale


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I am selling a sharp VL-Z3H DV Camera, as I need some extra cash! Its in great condition, apart from a little scuff on one side. Comes in the original box, with leads, although I cant find the USB lead at the moment, but they are only a couple of quid to buy.

Heres some stats:

*225 degree free-angle shooting

*PC link- USB cable

*2.5" Advanced LCD GC Sillicon fold out, rotational screen

*View finder

*500x digital zoom

*Memory card slot to save photos on to, and the film is saved onto mini dv cassete


I have a couple of piccies of the camera here:


Originaly bought for around 550, Im looking for around 200 for it.

Reply to this, or pm me if your intrested. I live in the city centre so I can meet anywhere in city centre.


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I think you should have mentioned that it also has a x10 Optical Zoom!!! Digital zooms are fckin useless... totally and utterly useless, but an optical zoom is worth its weight in penny sweets (with gold wrappers)!

This cam also goes for around 400 new nowadays so 150 is a damn good price....

Also, what inputs/outputs does it have? IE is there a place to attach a high quality external microphone?

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most welcome... It's just that I can't stand all these rip off PC World salespeople who con people into buying a Digital camera because of "Digital" Zoom.... you can do the same thing in photoshop/ms paint!! All it does is basically enlarge the pixels, making the image quality total dogshit...

Of course, Optical zoom on the other hand is the real deal, and absolute mint to have on a cam...

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