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Laney TF 300 Guitar amp - perfect for hardcore/skate rock/metal bands!

JJ 10 Easy Wishes

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AWWWWWWW I'm afraid I have to sell my lovely amp. I played a UK tour with this baby so for sentimental and common sense reasons I refuse to let it go for any less than 200 (bought it new for 339). Excellent condition, nothing wrong with it at all. The amp has 3 channels - 2 Overdrive and 1 Clean, and has all the usual buttons plus an enhance feature which allows you to shape the sound (e.g you can create tones that suit skate punk rather than metal etc). The amp is a 120 watts amp, and so therefore is perfectly more than loud enough by far for all you noisy punx out there. To enquire about how to buy this lovely thing from me please PM me, email mongleman@hotmail.com or phone 07929229680 (my name is JJ). If you have any questions about the amp just contact the same things.


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