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Triptych gets off to a flying start


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It was crazy last night' date=' *crazy* I tells ya! I've never seen so many drunk people be turned away from the bar. One woman ordered *20* double jack daniels and coke. And then she fell over :rockon:

Good night though :D[/quote']

Best nite in the Lemon for ages!!!

Kano were amazing

Atmosphere was really good

We were on triples and puked :cheers:

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So was Kano better than Roots?

I thought so

But both quite different

Kano kinda was more full on London style electro hip hop....really fucking edgy/hyper apart from the next single which seemed a bit shit (last single wasnt that amazing either but in the live situation it was much better).....some brilliant beats and electronix (seemingly completely randomised and mixed on the fly by a turntable genius) with three incredible front men ...really got the crowd wound up and moving > kinda sense Kano will eclipse Roots like

which to me seemed a bit tough on Roots Manuva, who was way more mellow obviously, and kinda the energy generated by Kano tailed off, still feckin brilliant like, played with a full band, and again way more mental than his studio stuff

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