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Top 3 Bassists


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Couldn't agree more! I am currently enjoying the bassist from Blind Melons stuff...his name escapes me though! Also Jeff Ament from Pearl Jam is a good solid bassist.

i think its just because everyone always raves on about cliff burton who i dont really rate that highly to be honest he gets overshadowed

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Flea (there is no doubting he is a god)

John Paul Jones (i dont think he's had a mention yet)

Justin Chancellor (Tool- i dunno if i spelt his name right but he is solid!)

I agree totally with the underrating of Jason Newstead, i like cliff to but i prefer Jason.

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Just to caryy on the theme going at the momoent...

Feildy or Flea (can't decide)

what the fuck fieldy cant even play bass on the latest korn album (take a look in the mirror) john davis had to play some of the bass cos it was to difficult for fieldy :D

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