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Even more shit that you can shake a stick....


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that sounds pretty hot. prefer this one musically to the last one. compression nips too much now and again, has that ducking and diving feel to it, which is a shame.

bits of it remind me of a rival schools song, other bits are a bit like therapy?, there's so much variation in the song which is good, a good vocal would really string it all together. i like the way that some of the rhythm often comes from the other instruments, too.

on the whole, very well recorded, guitar production in particular is great. you seem quite a genre hopper, is most of your stuff guitar orientated, or do you dabble in other areas?

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cheers again!! ;) only the audio geeks check out self produced stuff huh? :D

Yeah know what you mean about the compression, getting to grips with some new plug ins/techniques...my C610 can't handle this shit too well so I don't often get to monitor the final mix in real time :(

As for genre hopping, heh, just play what I like...these 2 mp3s though are all the same band (do they sound 10000 miles apart?) Yes mainly guitar orientated stuff...I've tried to dabble in Midi/electronic....just don't feel creative doing anything like that, more often than not I write stuff on an accoustic, easier to translate that to electric guitar than a keyboard.

Vocals are coming...words need to come first....I'm hoping after showing the positive reviews of the stuff to the other guys in the band we can concentrate on this instead of blink 182 covers <spit /> :cheers:

Kenny, got your PM, catch you on MSN at some point regarding the vsts!

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