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Influence On Songs


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in my band we make everything up on the spot pretty much, its wierd. Sometimes I hear a really cool idea in a song for example (In simplistic form) a loud bit and a quiet bit, then think 'im gona follow exactly the same structure but a completely different idea/riff/whatever.

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Guest Scott 5FD

Alkaline Trio - they are probably the main influence on Five Finger Discount's songs

NOFX - just the structure of their songs and stuff

um....yeh Alk3 are the biggest influnce, all the twisted imagery for lyrics and stuff.

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Guest stuartmaxwell

anything that i listen to (if i like it enough) inspires me to write the guff that we play

i tend not to write songs, just wait till practice and see what happens

i.e if i have been listening to something heavy, tonight matthew we will be heavy and so on

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Yeah, we're the same... it tends to splodge in an order that Steve comes up with some guitar framework... and we just kinda come in after that.

I'm always sweeping through programmes and am always last to come up with anything remotely constructive :rolleyes:

I've stopped writing lyrics... far too morbib.

Leave me to my beeps and textures.

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