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Peaches Geldof


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oh...so she's *another* blonde socialite who bitches about people and spends daddy's money?

Urgh. Why are these people even famous. What is it with the UK for finding the most bland, uninteresting children of vaugely famous people and turning them into celebrities? Are we that desperate? At least Paris Hilton did porn to make herself semi interesting.

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Guest Tam o' Shantie

she's basically a fucking rich london kid who thinks she's fucking special because she tells neds that they have no self respect, while a full camera crew and no doubt security are with her. for some reason she doesn't just walk up to them in private and openly insult them, perhaps because it's none of her fucking business and they'd probably just beat the shit out of her. like loaded bored teenagers she has too much free time without having a job or regular schooling or whatever so gets plenty of practice making up shocking opinions, which delight her audience. i just read an awful interview, didn't see any tv. i fancy becoming a celebrity, so behold my shocking observations on celebrities:

rachel stevens! she's just a has been! she was once in a pop group but they disbanded, haha!

the queen! fuck royalty! useless i tell you!

oh and to top it all off her crowning moment was that she SUPPORTS WAR IN IRAQ! BECAUSE SHE'S SO OUTRAGEOUS AND OPINIONATED

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