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The Boy Lacks Patience - Gig @ Tunnels - Wednesday 18th May

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The Boy Lacks Patience - Gig @ Tunnels - Wednesday 18th May

Free Entry

Doors @ 8pm

support Hasn't been confirmed yet but we have some good ideas ^_^

(will add more details later)

piano and vocal goodness (with some guest cello) is being recorded as an album soon, so it seemed a good time to have a gig before that gets underway


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Support Now Confirmed and time change . . . .

Weds 18th May - Gig @ The Tunnels, Aberdeen.

from 8.30pm. FREE ENTRY.

The Boy Lacks Patience is headlining this gig, which also features Finniston , a Glasgow-based brother/sister duo with great songwriting and lovely harmonies, and local girl Nicky Cairney, a blend of folk/pop/electronica with a gorgeous voice. It's going to be a night of great music, and free entry too :)

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it's so weird, i usually saw Nicky play when we went to the Malt Mill Open Mic night a lot....and really liked her....i only know her vaguely, Chris knows her better....and suddenly i made the connection the other night........and recognised the voice....see....one night i was working at the Lemon Tree and Colin from Biomechaniod (who i also only knew a little mainly through his lady Caroline)...was playing ...with female singer.....who i suddenly realised was probably Nicky (this happned about two years prior to her playing at the Malt Mill) so i raked through my cds a few days ago to find my Ammonite cd :D which is indeed lovely.....i haven't seen Nicky to go ....guess what?...etc or ask what she'll be playing or get Chris to ask her..but i heard rumour she's going a bit more electro again....but *think* Colin wrote the Ammonite stuff (don't quote me on that...maybe they co-wrote) ....one of the songs on her album really reminds me of the Cocteau Twins though.... ^_^ anyway...you should just come to the gig and check out Aberdeens little hidden treasures because it's FREE and stuff ^_^

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yeah' date=' i thought the freeness was a killer feature too. will try to drag my brother & missus along to this one.[/quote']

indeed...yes come :)

I saw a flyer for this gig in Kilau. Just listened to the tracks on the website. I might go I was really impressed' date=' sounded amazing.[/quote']

cool ^_^ well don't be shy...come too

I think I'll pop along' date=' 3 great acts and its FREE!

Cool, just gonna listen to downlads da noo




*gets excited*

i think i might do a spot of dj-ing.....could be like a warm up for Xenophon i suppose....but tonight will be a little more chilled ^_^

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So did anyone go? Did anyone like it?

yes and yes........but i really mean did anyone from here come etc? :)

Support Acts were even better than i remembered! and Nicky Sounded great with her band and backing tracks.....worked really well.........Finniston make a lovely sound too (i loooove the violin)........both supports made Chris and me nervous about his competance......then he got on stage and i remembered he was really good too *giggle* there was even an encore required ^_^ so for first Aberdeen headliner i think it went really well.....seemed pretty busy too

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twas aaaaace!!! all 3 acts were awesome indeed - but best of all' date=' it was freeeee! Huge round of applause to all 3 of them (or rather 6 of them)

Muchly enjoyed (and a good skive off from uni exam revision :rolleyes: )


yay.....excellant......was a good relax for me in middle of degree show prep too :)

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