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A small update...


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Hope everyone is having a great start to 2004!

Just a few minor updates to the web site that I think I should make you all aware of.

Firstly, I've decided to slightly change the criteria of what events are added to our calendar from the posts made to the Gigs + Other Event Announcements forum. I have decided that as far as gigs or festivals are concerned then a local band/musician/act does not have to be part of the event in order for it to be added to the calendar. So, in short, as long as the event is taking place in the Aberdeen area and is music related then I'll add it to the calendar if people see it fit to announce it there.

For more information on the how this forum works then check out the recently updated sticky post.

Secondly, we are still looking for more sponsors for the web site and more donations! We have come close to covering our annual expenses but we are not quite there yet. And the increasingly popularity of the web site as well as all the cool things I want to add to it is only going to increase the cost! :(

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor then please read the updated sticky post. Thanks for your continued support!

And finally, it may appear that updates to the web site have become less frequent but let me assure you some big, big changes are in the pipeline. vBulletin v3.0 is nearly ready for final release and when it does get released I will take the opportunity to bring in yet another new "look and feel" to the web site, replace the portal home page with something a little more useful and of course, upgrade the forums. Some of you may openly wet yourselves when you see the new web site. And even more of you will moan about the changes because everything will be different. Well, tough - its called evolution. :p

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