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Worst picture ever


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Guest Logan

I prefered his old costume to be honest.

And that's my photo and you have no right to put it in a post without my permission! I shall see you in court....The People's Court that is! :p

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we're the hurricanes, our champion spirit is here to stay

the hurricanes, storm time is coming to you today.

class. remember the asian dude who played with no shoes. what kind of shit was that? almost as bad as the asian storeman in Bertha called Panjid.

doing nothing to help children get a balanced view of the world!!



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Guest tv tanned
yeah my friend had it for the snes

and when ever he put it on id get pissed off

did it also involve little subplots where one of the ethnically diverse members of the Hurricanes would wander off into a deep and meaningful subplot, where they would tackle some inner fear or overcome some obstacle, at the same time as the team was losing seven first half goals, only to reappear for the second half and score all eight goals in a breathtaking turnaround?

If not, it obviously was only loosely based on the show.

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