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Caribou track on......


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BBC Radio 3 Mixing It tonight.....................

bloody hell his new CD covers a lot of ground. Krautrock influences coming to the fore, but with loads of sunshine poptones in a percussive breakbeat stylee. Very experimental

A cacophany of sounds. this guy is years ahead of the pack. Lovely lovely stuff, new sounds emerging all the time.

Play @ very high levels for the best results.

& of course he plays Aberdeen for the 1st time on Saturday night

Live shows are regarded as amazing specticles & then there is the visuals???????

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I sent an email to the punk twat who's suing him over the name "Manitoba".

something like :

"how punk Is suing a band for their name ?

Litigious yanks' date=' who needs them


Nice one LP, thank god Dan is Canadian & is a typical Canadian FRIENDLY

We have been very lucky to have booked lots Americans & almost all have been

"salt of the earth types".

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nothing yet...

only sent it yesterday evening...

I'd imagine he'd be getting a few of these mails just now...

old fucker...

i wonder if Canada should sue him' date=' for stealing one of thier provinces names ?


don't even go there..........brings to mind Macdonald

ps hope you are brining in loads of Maple's tomorrow?

Its a good omen, coz there must be a connection

Canada Maple Leaf

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