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Major Matt Mason USA + Pantsuit + The Kitchen Cynics @ The Tunnels - Wed 27th Apr 05


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interesting music are delighted to announce another great night, to clear the cobwebs of normality, featuring artists riding high in the avant New York Anti Folk scene, ably supported by Aberdeen's very own (great aunty) & friend to the famous.

Wednesday 27th Apr 05

The Tunnels

Doors 8pm

Entrance 5


Major Matt Mason USA (NY)

Pantsuit (NY female 3piece)

The Kitchen Cynics (Abdn/NY)

The details

Major Matt Mason USA has been making music since the late 80's. In his father's basement in Shawnee, Kansas (a suburb of Kansas City) Matt would amuse his dog Friskie by lip-synching to Kiss records and hammering out ditties about the threat of nuclear war and peer pressure on a $30 Harmony guitar. While attending the University of Kansas, Matt got his first taste of a thriving underground music scene playing guitar for local punk bands with names like Magic Nose and Dracomagnet that drew from influences like the Butthole Surfers and Jesus Lizard. In the early 90's, Matt localized a five-year long distance relationship and moved to New York City where he found a home in the now infamous East Village Antifolk Community. The weekly Antihoots at the Sidewalk Caf provided Matt with a chance to vent about the high cost of living in New York and the rapid deterioration of the relationship he just moved across the country for. After a brief stint as a record store clerk, he landed a job as an apprentice at a soho based commercial sound facility. For the next five years he would spend his days in a state-of-the-art digital audio facility servicing high profile advertising clients, while his nights were spent plucking out edgy lo-fi acoustic love songs into a boombox in a mouse- infested lower east side apartment. Flash forward 5 years. Major Matt has evolved from the boombox to a catalog of 4 full length albums filled with influences that range from Bob Dylan to Sonic Youth. He has established Olive Juice Music: a fully functional recording studio/ independent record label/ online distribution center that he operates out of his NYC apartment with bandmate /significant other Nan Turner and cat Gummo (who takes care of the mice). Matt is also a member of the bands Schwervon! and Kansas State Flower. The DIY spirit is a big part of Matts art and lifestyle as he continues to carve out a niche for truly modern American Folk music.



Pantsuit are Nan Turner (Schwervon!), Christine "Sharky" Murray (Bionic Finger), and Tina Harris (Danger! Giant Ranger). In 2003, Sharky asked Nan if she was going to start a band for her solo material. She said "If I did, would you be in it?" They had to talk quietly, as Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers was about to start. It was their second time seeing it. They soon cornered Tina (Dr. Harris), who is also an anthropologist, into jamming with them at Tucasa, and the minute Tina finished hitting the drums and left the room, Nan said, "I like her". Sharky said, "Me too". The gang of three began. Pantsuit, in its first year of existence, has moved from "Nan's solo project band" to more of a collaborative affair with instrument swapping and harmonies and keyboard soundscapes. They have released one cd, entitled The Path from the House to the Lawn. They share a love of brunch, roadtrips, and cats.


The Kitchen Cynics

Local oberver/bard//stoyteller, who thrills everyone with a brain cell & an ear. Audiences always left feeling better for seeing & hearing Alan.

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