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some definite tuning issues in there, unless there's something wrong with my ears today. otherwise, i quite like the recording style, it feels very live yet sounds quite clear and crispy. reminds me of trail of the dead's source tags and codes production a bit.

first track is alright, don't like the start of it too much, and the off tuning keeps putting me off, but when it slows down around 1minute, it's quite a nice change. i liked the build up back to the initial tempo.

second track was probably my favourite, and i'd say it was the best written song too. reminded me in parts of nirvana, trail of the dead, and a few other bands that i can't quite place, which shows how much i know. i really like the clean guitar bit that breaks away from the normal verse around 33 seconds, reminds me of Hole for some reason. maybe not hole actually. someone though. favourite bit of the track is where one of the guitars is messing about with an expression pedal or something, between clean and distortion - that sounds really, really good to me, loved it.

last song reminded me a bit of Red Man Walking for some reason! don't know why. just the chorus bit really. quite an indie-rock song, i can imagine it going down well in drummonds. not too much to say about it though, quite a simple song.

overall, liked the recordings, liked the conciseness of the songs a lot, but the tuning was a bit of detraction. any gigs lined up?

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Is this from the demo? Craig left his mp3 player in my car so I was having a listen to what was on it and I noticed Aurora. I like what James has done previously and with Aurora its still sounding good. The demo is a little rough in places but you can hear that they are good tunes. Keep up the good work Adam...when are you guys gigging next?

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Guest stuartmaxwell

Mertazipine is ok when it gets going, i reckon your guitars need to be sorted out though (tuning, tones, levels), like the chorus,

i reckon this band need to go "albini", i.e. more bass and big kick/toms

"wasted again" has a fuckign terrible name, sounds liek silverchair/nirvana. the whole verse/chorus/verse thing is a bit tired

noy bad, as a first demo. potential

sorry for the unconstructive points

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hey dudes, i really appreciate the feedback we got on the demo! Its great that you guys could come up with a decent evaluation of it showing the good and the bad other than just ripping at it!!

but yeah we did have really bad tuning issues, i think james guitar kept going out and we didnt really have the time to get it amended due to the fact we were paying for every precious minute there!

and cheers to dan for "stating the obvious", we havent recorded our 4 new songs yet and you will be surprised to hear that they are quite different from this demo (hopefully recording soon).

Again thanks guys for your views, good to know what we need to improve on!

No other gigs planned untill we perfect 2 of our new songs, most likely to be gigging again around aberdeen in summer, i think we are playing at some marquee thing in banchory soon though

thanks again


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my god that was a while ago, well personally dont hate emo at all, i like it. it was more likely james being ironic like this guy has said. either that or he has changed coz when we used to write our older songs, he always somehow used alyssas wish as a influence for our earlier stuff.

oh well never mind eh? nobody is hurt

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