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local band manager Vs. aberdeen-music.com

On The People's Court TV show on ITV1 from 9.25am - 10.30am

Monday, April 25th 2005

The outcome of the case is decided live, by the viewers placing votes by calling in and by sending SMS messages to the show. Therefore, your support is essential if aberdeen-music.com is to defend itself successfully! So please watch the show and vote for us! :)

How to Vote!

Either call: 09011 11 00 02

Or text the letter 'D' to: 87654

Both the call or text will cost 25p. Be aware that the case against aberdeen-music.com is not the only case that will be shown on Monday morning. There will be at least another case shown - so please make sure you vote for the right one! :)

The show is filmed at Scottish Television studios in Glasgow in front of a public audience. If you would like to apply for a free ticket to be in the audience and you are over 16 years old then please call Lisa on 0141 300 3934 or e-mail: lisa.doherty@smg.plc.uk

Thank you very much to everyone who has posted and sent me statements and comments to potentially be used as evidence in the case. It is very much appreciated!

Please be aware that the case against aberdeen-music.com now has a new twist. I don't want to give too much away but I'm no longer the defendant. I will still feature and the case is still effectively an attack against aberdeen-music.com but the case is very much more balanced now. So your support is absolutely critical if the web site and the defendant are to be victorious!

P.S. Myself and the defendant (if I can persuade him!) intend to pop along to The Bassment and then probably onto Moshulu on Monday evening to either celebrate or commiserate depending upon the outcome of the court case. So if any of you want to come along and join us then please feel free. You will be made to feel most welcome!


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that email adress dosnt work...im seriously thinking about coming down....

My bad. Should be fixed now - well, the link should be. I assume the e-mail address is actually valid - let me know if it isn't though.

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Guest stuartmaxwell
well it ain't me/us

Take care' date='


shame that

would have been particularly hillarious to watch you make a tit of yourselves on TV (in addition to your antics in abdn)

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Guest haigyman
Didn't I sell Keira on eBay? Hope she doesn't take me to court! :p

i hope you know you were putting her security SERIOUSLY at risk logan :nono:

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